"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing." Helen Keller


Shilo Nikelle Urban was raised by a pack of wolves after making her way to earth from Planet Shilo. Found under a rock by her parents in the hinterlands of the Texas countryside, Shilo learned to shoot guns and make mud pies, in that order. After a stint on the liberal island of Austin learning about cultural anthropology and psychedelics as well as a brief interlude as a student in Paris, she left for the coast of Maine where she spent her time snowboarding and working as a high school French teacher, deckhand on a wooden schooner, and farmhand for endangered livestock breeds.

After selling everything she owned, Shilo moved back to Paris. She worked as a guide and interpreter for American tourists, who were terrified of the French and therefore willing to hire a blond buffer between them and the frog-eaters. Next up was a move to Seattle, then to New Zealand, back to Seattle, five years in Los Angeles and now – a return to Texas where she can see her brother more often than one day a year.

In addition to the aforementioned occupations, Shilo has also worked as a waitress, cocktailer, bartender, grocery checker, bag girl, camp counselor, art store manager, substitute teacher, environmental activist, cake decorator, video store clerk, blueberry farm worker, bank telemarketer, produce manager at natural foods store, ski resort lift ticket girl, travel agent, veterinary assistant, museum security, SAT tutor, wholesale tour and hotel booker, adult education instructor, editor-in-chief, travel seminar lecturer, private travel consultant, social networker, record label manager, director of marketing, music publicist, and festival and events promoter.

She has an illogical love of wiener dogs, a waiver, and an undying passion for experimental electronic music and dirty, filthy bass.  Shilo writes too much, for print magazines, online publications, blogs, companies, record labels, festivals, individual artists and – for fun – on the subjects of international adventure travel, music, natural living, healthy eating and relationships. Shilo eats a mad amount of candy and pickled peppers, not together, but often in the shower. She twirls swords and fire and reads books like they are going out of style, which they are. Shilo does not get bored. Ever. She cooks mean Southern food, drinks more espresso than humanly possible, and is prone to wild flights of fancy and impromptu adventures. Shilo could teach you, but she’d have to charge.

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