"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing." Helen Keller

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Travel Shadow Boxes: How to Design a Trip Collage



Do you like to save travel mementos like ticket stubs, foreign coins and other little doo-dads?

Create a one-of-a-kind souvenir by designing a shadow box collage from your trip. Instead of shoving your travel mementos into a drawer or closet somewhere, why not display them in a framed work of art? Compiling your memories into a colorful shadow box is an excellent way to milk your trip and enjoy your travel experience even more.

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The Hammam: Step Outside Your Comfort Zone. Now Take Off Your Clothes & Lie on the Floor


I squeeze my lips together, holding my mouth tightly shut as a bucket of water is dumped on top of me. My left cheek is pressed against the floor of a public bathhouse. I am lying on my side nearly naked, sprawled in a lukewarm slurry of soapsuds and sloughed-off skin from the women who went before me. A strange lady with enormous bosoms holds my right leg at a 90-degree angle, scrubbing my inner thigh with a sandpaper-like rag and the force of a fire hose. A room full of local children, women and grandmothers look on in mild amusement. On the other side, an awkward group of Western women sit in a row against the wall, trying to avoid eye contact at all costs as they wait for their turns in their underwear.

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