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Thailand Revisited: There is a Party called Khao San Road

…and I am writing you from it!

I arrived in Bangkok about three hours ago and jumped a cab to my hotel which is just one street removed from Khao San Road, one of the most popular backpacker streets in the world. I am in Thailand but the whole area around feels like backpacker country- it is a seething, simmering, boiling broth of young people from all over the world, mixing and dancing and sweating and loving Southeast Asia.

Hungry? Deep fried insects

Hungry? Deep fried insects

All down the street restaurants, bars, and dance clubs compete with each other to boom their bass in your face, from Eminem to Guns and Roses to JT. Cocktails are sold in bucket form, and a vodka red bull bucket will set you back a whole $4. Food vendors line the street, hawking phud thai, eggrolls, deep-fried insects, fresh pineapple juices, hot falafels, popsicles- all super cheap. The only thing less expensive than the food are the clothes- realizing I might like an extra sleeved shirt, I bought two sweet printed shirts for $6. MC Hammer pants are big here as well as gaudy bead-covered tank tops, and you can buy shiny gold bangle bracelets to go up your entire arm.

Riding in a tuk-tuk

Riding in a tuk-tuk

Tuk-tuks (3 wheeled car/truck things) cruise around like taxis, there are tons of motorcycles screaming everywhere and people just sit down in the road to eat their midnight snack. It is around 12:30AM here and I have no idea what time it is in the US though I do believe it is yesterday. Well, I am in tomorrow- and it ROCKS, yall.

I wish I could transport a big group of you here to experience this with me: life, carnival-style.

Street Vendor

Street Vendor

Swirling madness to be lapped up, bright colors to breath in, laughing strangers to meet eyes with and walk away, spare policemen chuckling at fat chicks, Burger King, the Ooze bar, wandering stray dogs, cats, elephants- this place is pure madness and you all would LOVE it!

I am only in Bangkok overnight; my train leaves at 7:30 in the morning to Sukhothai, the ancient capitol of the country. I return in about a week though and am already looking forward to it. I enjoy the crazy bustle of cities. and yes, the shopping. Good night my friends. Buy a plane ticket. Travel. This is your world, and you should really check it out, because it is beautiful and it is calling your name. There are six billion strangers waiting to be your friend. There are hot peppers that will make you cry, random yogurt drinks to cool you off, and a blond girl who skips along with a song in her heart.


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