"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing." Helen Keller

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Top Destinations for a Girls’ Getaway


One of the hottest trends in travel right now is “Girls’ Getaways,” where a group of females get together to go on a trip just for the heck of it. Girls’ trips don’t have the stress of family vacations, the heavy romantic expectations of a couple’s trip, or the burden of planning it all when you go it alone.  Girls’ trips are fun and fearless, and even if travel seems too expensive to you right now, you can make it happen. Start saving now for next year, and plan ahead to go on a girlfriends’ journey to one of these destinations that seem to be made for the ladies. Continue reading

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Plan a Girls’ Trip


What’s even better than a girls’ night out? A girls’ trip! Longer and more intense, filled with new experiences and different perspectives, a girls’ trip can reinvigorate your life and those of your friends with an injection of fun, frivolity and fearlessness.  When planning a group vacation, someone will usually take the lead and be the main hotel booker, activities arranger and tour persuader. Since you are reading this article, chances are that person is you. Even if you have never so much as road tripped to the beach, you can plan a girls’ trip that will be memorable, rejuvenating and relaxing. Continue reading