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Sleep with the Fishes in an Underwater Hotel Room


I never thought I’d WANT to sleep with the fishes, but the Conrad Resort on Rangali Island in the Maldives makes it appealing… or maybe they’re just getting ready for global warming?Is this for real? Click through for a couple of pics of the underwater restaurant.

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Fiji’s Best Island Resorts


FIJI. Just say it. Already the visions of teal blue ocean waves, swaying palm trees, bare feet in white sand, neon-orange sunsets and frosty umbrella drinks are filling your head. The Fijian islands are chock full of excellent accommodation choices, whether you are looking for a honeymoon getaway, a backpacker layover, a family vacation, or a cultural adventure. I visited over twenty resorts on nine islands and saw many others and these are my picks for travelers of every persuasion.

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