"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing." Helen Keller

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QUIZ: Are You Gauche or Droite? Paris, City of the Seine

AF008901_3(Place Monge)

The constant river Seine flows through the heart of Paris, a meandering muse that divides the city into two distinct halves, the rive droite (the right bank, or northern half) and the rive gauche (the left bank, or southern half). Most travelers find themselves strangely attracted to one side or the other and remain fondly enamored for the rest of their lives.

Are you gauche or droite? Answer the questions below and find out. Continue reading

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Death in Paris: A Guide for the Gothically Inclined

There is no better way to feel alive than to travel, except perhaps by having a brush with death while on your trip.  With beauty, art and history manifested on almost every corner in Paris, it is the perfect place to use your heightened state of awareness for a little contemplation.  While some may prefer to keep their near-death experiences on the table (another crème brulee, anyone?), others will want to visit in the flesh the city’s offerings in the realm of the gothically inspired and downright creepy.  Get a copy of some Baudelaire and prepare to experience your own humanity. Continue reading

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Parisians Are Too Nice


“Parisians are just TOO NICE!” my boyfriend exclaimed, and I had to agree, as we once again managed to pull ourselves away from the garrulous Francophones and return to our daily quest for fresh provisions. Living on a tiny pedestrianized street on the left bank was exciting, moving, and… slow going. Every time I left my half-a-shoebox apartment I conversed with Francois, the waiter next door who seemed to live at his cafe. A few steps down I would “bonjour messieurs” with the staff of the Indian restaurant, inquiring about today’s football game. Continue reading

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Saving Mont Saint-Michel

Mont Saint-Michel is the most visited tourist site in France outside of Paris, and this historic place of pilgrimage is in danger of losing its maritime identity as an island surrounded by quicksand- but never fear, the French government is here, and ready to spend 164 million dollars to ensure that this legendary monument is preserved and done so in the right way. Continue reading