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Top 10 Places to Make Out in Paris

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RodinistheulimatesculptorafterMichelangeloParis is the most romantic city in the world, non? Get your lovebird on at these ten top spots.

1.   Under Pont Neuf. Crossing the River Seine on the Ile de la Cîté, Pont Neuf is the oldest bridge in Paris and was the first to be built without homes on it. Legend has it that if you kiss your lover under Pont Neuf, you will always be together. Best accomplished during a cruise on the Bateaux Mouches.

2.   By the Medici Grotto in the Jardin du Luxembourg. Here in the Parisian’s favorite park you can nuzzle your sweetie by the shady fountain’s dripping waters as leaves fall on your shoulders and the rest of the world is forgotten.

3.   On top of the Arc de Triomphe at sunset as the orange orb sinks into the west over La Grande Arche de la Defense, Paris’ business district, and King Louis XIV’s the Sun King’s) birthplace.

4.   Corner table, sidewalk café. Order a carafe of wine and people-watch between puckering up.

5.   Rose garden at the Musée Rodin. The brilliant artist’s sexy sculptures get you going (see above) and the colorful blooms of the outdoor garden of the estate tint the air with lover’s sighs. Ahhhh.

6.   The steps of Montmartre. Whether you choose the most popular steps of Montmartre, the tall staircase cascading down from the Basilica of Sacre-Coeur, or any one of the staircases hidden around the neighborhood, this is the perfect place to peck.

7.   Tuileries Garden. Located next to the Louvre, this mostly-gravel garden is dotted with statues by famous artists and filled with young lovers kissing; in fact you might feel out of place if you are not making out.

8.   In your suite at the Hotel Crillon, one of the premier hotels in Paris and a former 18th century palace, overlooking the Eiffel Tower from your bubble bath or perhaps from a gourmet breakfast in bed.

9.   Place Dauphine, on the Ile de la Cîté. This triangle-shaped park is also know as the “Sexe de Paris” for its triangular shape, reminiscent of certain female body parts.

10.   Top of the Eiffel Tower, of course, with all of Paris spread at your feet like an undulating carpet of history, buildings like quartz stones streaked through with pulsing veins of life, powered by two hearts in love. Or at least lust.

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