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Plan a Girls’ Trip

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What’s even better than a girls’ night out? A girls’ trip! Longer and more intense, filled with new experiences and different perspectives, a girls’ trip can reinvigorate your life and those of your friends with an injection of fun, frivolity and fearlessness.  When planning a group vacation, someone will usually take the lead and be the main hotel booker, activities arranger and tour persuader. Since you are reading this article, chances are that person is you. Even if you have never so much as road tripped to the beach, you can plan a girls’ trip that will be memorable, rejuvenating and relaxing.

  • Where to go? You may already have a destination or several in mind; if this is the case, then you and the girls just need to sit down and decide. Have everyone list their top five choices and then hash it out from there. If you have absolutely no idea where you want to go but know you want a great beach, lots of inexpensive shopping, a ski trip or an adventure vacation, sit down with an expert travel agent who can help you choose the right destination that fits your group’s desires. Once you have decided where to go, the excitement of trip planning and preparation can begin!
  • Think about the goal of your vacation. Is it relaxation? Recreation? Reconnection? Knowing what you want to get out of your trip will help you plan where to go and what to do. If you want to relax and return home rejuvenated, a wild weekend in Vegas is not going to work for you. If you want to let loose and party, skip the camping trip in favor of a weekend in the city. Try to align your expectations with what will actually unfold on the trip
  • Budget. Take into consideration everyone’s budget when choosing a destination, hotel and activities. Aim lower rather than higher with your expenses, and try to arrange things so that the person with the smallest budget in the group feels comfortable. It is better to stay in a two-star hotel than a three-star if it means that one of your friends might not be able to go or would be really stretched for cash if she did. Everyone has a different budget and different ideas about spending money, but traveling in a group is about compromise, so make sure everyone has a say in your expenses.
  • Consider a theme for your trip to make it more exciting. Maybe you want to explore the vineyards of Napa Valley, stay in the most unique hotels of New Zealand, discover the nightlife in three big European cities or detox on a weeklong hiking trip. This works best when everyone is feeling it; if half the crowd doesn’t drink wine then you should save that idea for another trip. Grander ideas can be inspiring as well- perhaps the theme of your trip can be fun and fearless, trying new things, or a zone of no complaints.
  • While traveling, don’t be afraid to split up into groups or even go solo occasionally. Traveling in a group doesn’t mean you have to stick together like glue every second; in fact a little separation can do everyone good. If you are the only one of five who wants to hit the art museum, don’t drag everyone along with you. Cheerfully arrange to meet up later, and go your separate ways.

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