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Cruising the Nile

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Do you dream of traveling in Egypt? Of witnessing the pyramids before your very eyes and soaking in the beautiful hubbub of Cairo? Do you want to experience the ancient country from the Nile, with a riverbank view that has remained practically unchanged since the time of the Pharaohs?

The Nile River is the bloodstream of Egypt. A fertile strip of green follows the snaking waterway on either side, palm trees pushing up to the skies and flat family farms resting on the banks of the river. Donkeys carry loads of thick grasses, random cows graze along the riverbanks and herons step slowly in the marshy lands, looking for dinner.

Low cracker box houses provide respite from the afternoon sun for the farming families; children play in the dirt and grandfathers tool around the riverbanks in tiny boats. Deep below in the ancient waters of the Nile bubble the breaths of the crocodile and hippopotamus, and far overhead the brilliant African sun blazes down.

Popping up along your cruise down the Nile are timeless temples: Edfu, Kom Ombo, Philae…sharing a sliver of their secrets through hieroglyphs and architecture. Just beyond this green strip of life stretches the Saharan desert, whose tawny rolling hills are a constant reminder of how vital the Nile River is to life in Egypt even today.

And you are right there, smack in the middle of the bloodstream of Egypt, experiencing the Nile River the very best way possible- in a traditional felucca sailboat. You can relax and sun on the deck, get involved and help with the rigging and learn the ways of the Egyptian sailor. Massive cruise ship this is not- rather, the felucca is a simple and authentic way to explore the Nile River.

To explore amazing Egypt in a close-to-the-ground style, check out Intrepid Travel, a small group adventure tour company that began in Egypt and now offers some of the best values out there when it comes to Nile cruising on a felucca. With simple sails and plenty of shade, these traditional boats glide silently down the ancient river, and you will experience the bloodstream of Egypt in much the same way as travelers have done for centuries.

What are you waiting for? Start plans today to turn your dreams of Egypt into reality!


Recommended lodging in Cairo:

Cosmopolitan Hotel Cairo: A classic and quiet three-star hotel in an excellent location, within walking distance to the National Archaeological Museum and the Nile River. Rooms are tidy and basic and most have AC, TV, and minibar; rates start from $40 per night including tax and breakfast.

Address: 1 Iben Tahlab St, off Kasr El Nile St, Cairo 12555

Tel: 3923-956, -663 and -845


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  1. wow! i want to go there, but i really wanna go to maine

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