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Top Destinations for a Girls’ Getaway

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One of the hottest trends in travel right now is “Girls’ Getaways,” where a group of females get together to go on a trip just for the heck of it. Girls’ trips don’t have the stress of family vacations, the heavy romantic expectations of a couple’s trip, or the burden of planning it all when you go it alone.  Girls’ trips are fun and fearless, and even if travel seems too expensive to you right now, you can make it happen. Start saving now for next year, and plan ahead to go on a girlfriends’ journey to one of these destinations that seem to be made for the ladies.

1. PARIS. Around every corner in Paris there is beauty, history and art, and the City of Lights isn’t so expensive if you travel with four to a room. The shopping is magnificent, whether you are into brand names, antiques or artwork, and the food is to be enjoyed over multiple hours, with multiple courses. A large part of Paris’ charm comes from chilling out and people-watching at cafes, and it is amazing what a carafe of wine and hours of conversation can do for your friendships.

2. AUSTIN. This vibrant young city is known as the Live Music Capital of the World – which means it is overflowing with hot musician-type men. However there is much more to Austin than homegrown hotties; this university city is also a center for progressive thought, funky creative culture and the best Tex-Mex food you have ever tried. Hit 6th Street for a fun night out, and if it’s summer, be sure to spend some time at Barton Springs, a natural pool that is chilly all year round.

3. LOS ANGELES. Known as the center of the universe to those who live there, LA is the entertainment capital of the world, meaning that you will find no shortages of things to do. Traditional diversions like the beaches, the high-end shops, and the Hollywood Walk of Fame are always fun; however Los Angeles is much more than what you see in the movies. Take your girlfriends to check out the underground electronic music scene, the midnight taco trucks and the thrift stores in Silver Lake to get a taste of the City of Dreams that you won’t see on TV.

4. NEW ZEALAND. Is your group a little more adventurous? For epic scenery on a massive scale, New Zealand fits the bill gloriously. This laid-back island land boasts a friendly populace, farm-fresh food and more mountains, beaches, volcanoes, forests, sand dunes and wildlife than you’ll know what to do with. And don’t forget all the extreme sports- bungee jumping was invented here. If your girlfriends are in for a real test of courage, New Zealand may be the perfect place.

5. HAWAII. If you like the island idea but want to stay a little closer to home, head to Hawaii. From the West Coast, the flights are fairly inexpensive, making a long weekend in the tropics a definite plausibility. You can mingle with the masses (and meet men) on Waikiki, or if relaxation is more your goal, the pristine jungles of Kauai may be a better fit. Or balance out the excitement and the escape, and hop between the islands on a daring flight that will no doubt make you and your girlfriends closer than ever!

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