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Architecture is Sexy: The Walt Disney Concert Hall

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(Photo by Matt Matsuda)

Curves slice through your reality like hips in a silver satin negligee, exciting the senses and thrilling the mind sky-high. Shapely swerves shimmer in the mid-day sun, almost inflamed by the hot half-moons and slithering circumference of a silhouette so fantastic, you doubt your very eyes. Bold and unique, the sublime contours race around your brain like a shiny swirl of inspiration, just daring you to get a little closer, to touch the exquisite lines and feel for yourself if they actually exist.

Could this be a woman? Is it a glamorous Hollywood star slinking down the red carpet, or perhaps a young and nubile next-big-thing, with a smile like a diamond sun and eyes of inky pools?

No. It is the Walt Disney Concert Hall.

Designed by Frank Gehry, quite possibly the most famous architect in the universe, the vixen who calls to you is his brainchild, a building and work of art so sexy and powerful that it ignites downtown Los Angeles. With a fiery thrust of importance and the sureness of step that comes with the creation of world-class architecture, the Walt Disney Concert Hall has given the heart of LA a young and vibrant face.

With metallic silver curves that seem to move around the building structure with no real beginning or end, the concert hall is an original and thoroughly modern affair of the heart. Home to the Los Angeles Philharmonic, this amazing creation boasts a state-of-the-art-auditorium that will delight all purveyors of beautiful sound. One of the finest concert halls in the world, Gehry’s design provides a uniquely intimate setting for aural stimulation, with sophisticated acoustics that sooth your soul like an elegant woman in a fine silk dress.

Like its home city, the Walt Disney Concert Hall practically pops and buzzes with the creative spirit of a million artistic minds. A perfect centerpiece for downtown Los Angeles, the building beckons locals and tourists alike to get closer and experience the energy of architecture so profound, it seems to almost lift off the ground.

Inside the stainless steel exterior, one finds a hardwood paneled main auditorium, an elegant restaurant, and tours of the incredible stages and their environs. The concert hall hosts a wide variety of performances from classical symphonies to world music events; jazz shows to special holiday programs. With tickets as low as $15 in the choral bench section, everyone in Los Angeles as well as anyone who visits the city should take the opportunity to immerse themselves in the sounds and sights of the Walt Disney Concert Hall.

The awesome architecture of Gehry adds a new sonic dimension to the concert-going experience. In-between the shimmering silver curves and bodacious bends of the building, you will discover that you are inspired anew by the sounds of the creative spirit that emanate not only from the oboes and violas, but from the very walls of the building itself. The Walt Disney Concert Hall is a literal gem of downtown Los Angeles, and this sparkling icon’s beauty will not be fading anytime soon.


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