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Roses for Your Heart: LA Flower District

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Women love flowers. Any time of year, any type of bloom, any color of petal and any sweet smell in a bouquet will win the human male a plethora of points from the female he desires.

So what if you give her a whole market full of flowers?

The Los Angeles Flower District is a downtown treasure and not-so-secret surprise that will thrill any flower-loving female. Aisle after aisle and booth after booth await you, bursting at the seams with yellow daffodils, purple lilacs, pink larkspurs, yellow roses, red poppies and blue violets. The sweet smell of beauty wafts along the bloom-studded corridors, invading the senses and inviting a smile to your face.

Centered on the Flower Market, the Flower District is a massive collection of shops, stalls and stores selling everything from cut fresh flowers and tropical blooms to potted plants and floral supplies. The Los Angeles Flower Market is the largest wholesale floral market in the United States, and one of the few in California that is open to the public. Many of the blooms are California grown, such as the Golden Poppy, which of course is the official flower of the Golden State.

This amazing market has been around in some form since the early 1900’s, after the invention of the refrigerated rail car made it possible to ship vast quantities of fresh produce, including flowers, all across the United States. In fact, for several decades California supplied the entire nation with fresh cut flowers, only to be superceded in the 1960’s by the arrival of inexpensive air travel and blooms from foreign lands.

A small group of early Japanese immigrants began planting and cultivating blooms around the turn of the century, and soon formed a network coalition to sell their produce. With the advent of plenty of fresh water with the California aqueduct in 1913, their endeavors blossomed into the beginning of the American Floral Industry.

Today the Flower Market is beloved by wholesale florists, local shoppers, and international tourists alike. With its own newsletter, Bloomin’ News and legions of loyal buyers, “America’s Flower Garden” is a colorful and romantic stop for anyone looking to indulge their senses and pick up some inexpensive arrangement material.

If you’re strolling with your sweetie, however, be careful which type of flowers you decide on. While everyone knows that red roses mean true love and daisies signal innocence, most people are not familiar with the fact that bachelor buttons equate to celibacy, buttercups connote money, purple hyacinths symbolize jealousy and ivy means that marriage is in the cards. Be careful which bouquet you choose, or your lover might end up with the wrong idea! Always a good choice: fresh rose petals in a variety of colors, to throw about your love-soaked life.

In this paradise of periwinkles, there are a few pertinent facts to consider when visiting the Los Angeles Flower Market and surrounding shops. Arrive early, as all the blooms are sold on a first-come, first-serve basis and the top-notch flowers will go quickly. Bring cash for better haggling, and peruse a wide number of sellers before making your final decision.

Whether you are romancing a new date, sharing a sweet morning with friends, or strolling with mom through the marigolds, the Los Angeles Flower District will delight the senses, lift the heart, and create a morning to remember forever.

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