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Best Places to Be Single in Los Angeles

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DSC01969Don’t Jump! (Photo by Matt Matsuda)

Los Angeles is a city made for singles. Attractive young people flock to the city in search of fortune and fun, drawn here by the entertainment industry, the beaches, the weather, a dream – or all of the above. The vibrant and restless energy of the city calls to creative types, artist and wanderers, and the cultural tapestry of LA is woven thick with the stories of singles that are searching.

Are you searching? Los Angeles has a place for you to meet and mingle with like-minded singles.

Runyon Canyon Park. Head up to this 130-acre park near Hollywood to bump into hikers, joggers, yoga enthusiasts, dog walkers and even celebrities who are climbing up the easy trail, which takes about an hour and a half round-trip and can be quite the scene. At the top of the hike you will find jaw-dropping views of the Los Angeles basin from downtown to the Pacific, the San Fernando Valley and plenty of shapely singles.

Avalon. When you really want to let your hair down, have a drink and meet a special someone (for the night, anyway) – put on your dancing shoes and head to Avalon. This massive dance club is always chock full of singles that are ready to party and looking for fun. If you are a guy, you will be surrounded by legions of long-legged women writhing around to the beats. If you are a girl, well – just show up, and you will have your pick of the fist-pumping crowd.

Newport Beach. While not technically in Los Angeles, this beautiful and cool coastal community is full of glitz, glamour and guys with yachts. Stroll the marina gazing at sailboats and keep an eye out for an affable and affluent new honey, or head over to Woody’s Wharf to meet a party-ready college crowd of OC hotties and surfer brahs who are looking for love between the ocean breeze and margaritas.

Supperclub. This shiny new Hollywood hotspot is a club, restaurant and theater all packed into one venue. Also packing the space are Grade A beautiful people, from the cocktail servers in sky-high heels to the chicks dancing on the beds and the good-looking guys watching it all with a smile. Supperclub is open for dinner (in bed of course), but the real singles action gets started after 10pm when the dancing starts.

Silver Lake Dog Park. The Silver Lake neighborhood near Echo Park is already full of hot musicians, young designers, creative writers and other alluring artsy types, and in the dog park on Silver Lake Boulevard, they are confined to a fenced-in area with their dogs – ripe for the plucking. Best in the mornings and evenings when the temperatures are cool, you can bring (or borrow) Fido and have a play-date with potentials in a low-key environment.

The Abbey. Located in the heart of West Hollywood, this large bar and restaurant is a popular stomping ground for gay and lesbian singles looking to score. Cute bartenders for eye candy, a chill outdoor area and plenty of rooms for exploring make The Abbey a sure bet for those on the prowl; arrive late for loud party action or come early and indulge in happy hour for a more relaxed mingling experience.

Los Feliz cafés. Café culture is alive, well and full of singles on Vermont Street in Los Feliz, who assemble in the area to sip espresso or enjoy an egg sandwich. Find them dining on the sidewalk outside of cafes like the retro-rific Fred 62, the very Parisian Figaro, the Italian spot Il Capriccio or the Mediterranean-themed El Greco. Bring a book and hang out for a while in true Left Bank style at one of these stylish sidewalk cafes.

The Burgundy Room. This popular Hollywood hangout is usually packed with party people from front to back and top to bottom; with so little room, your only option is to say hello to the hottie rubbing your elbow. As the night goes on, the crowd can gets a bit rowdy – the perfect time to slip away into the night with your new love interest.

Farmers Markets. From Santa Monica to Atwater Village, Los Angeles is home to many thriving farmers markets where you can find fresh picked cucumbers, colorful bouquets of flowers, hot crepes to go and maybe even a mate. The low-pressure market environment is conducive to chit-chat, and the singles who shop for local produce are usually high quality finds.

The Standard Hotel Rooftop. With a slick modern design, strong cocktails and glistening pool on the roof, the downtown Standard Hotel is so LA, especially when you add in all the beauties in bikinis lounging poolside or hanging in the vibrating waterbed pods. Bring a towel, grab a friend, and head to The Standard on Sunday afternoon, when the beats and the babes are in full effect.

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