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“Is It Just You? Just One?” Eat Alone and Love It

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Dining alone presents a challenge for many. Eating is usually a social event full of shared laughter – except when it’s not. Whether you travel alone often, or just find yourself at a table for one, the usual advice is to bring a book to read, chat up your server or eat at the bar for company. You could do that. OR you could…

  • Build a tiny fort out of your food
  • Stare down the other patrons without blinking
  • Have a conversation with the imaginary person seated across from you
  • Say you’re waiting for a party of 10 that never shows and enjoy a big table all to yourself
  • Slowly start eating your paper napkin, then ask for another
  • Use glasses, utensils and everything else on your table to become a one-man band
  • Pour your drink out onto your plate and use a straw to suck it up
  • Fall asleep and take a little cat nap before your entree arrives
  • Sing your order to your server
  • Announce to the room that you are skilled in the Heimlich maneuver and offer to demonstrate
  • Ask if you can purchase a bottle of ketchup to go for dessert
  • While you’re waiting for your food, go stand at the front entrance and welcome other patron
  • Strike up a conversation with a table across the restaurant
  • Put a teddy bear in the opposite seat and order a tiny plate of food for your friend
  • Barter with your server over the cost of everything
  • Pull out a large map and proceed to cut it into tiny pieces
  • Order extra napkins and use them to craft a new hat, then try to sell it to your server
  • Read pretend text messages and laugh so loudly you choke
  • Use the time to do seated yoga stretches
  • Blast music from your smartphone and get up and dance
  • Use a wet nap to wipe down the entire table and all the chairs

Author: worldromper

I write, wrestle wiener dogs, win big at skee-ball and wander at large on a world-size scale.

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