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Least Bragworthy Travel Experiences

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[Sprinkling on your shoes]

“Experiential travel” and “conspicuous leisure” are the new buzzwords in the tourism industry. Travelers don’t just want to go somewhere; they want to have unique experiences that truly connect them with the soul of a destination (and that can be shared on social media to make all their friends jealous). Rare and amazing experiences are a form of social currency used by those who believe that are actions create our identities.

Swimming with great white sharks, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, surfing on the moon – these types of experiences are highly valuable currency: bragworthy (aka well-suited for a Facebook profile pic). But travel isn’t just high-flying adventures and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Check out the LEAST bragworthy travel experiences that I have witnessed or participated in during my tenure as a worldromper. How many have you checked off your shit-bucket list?

  • Pet a mangy dog in Egypt
  • Enjoy not one but two rounds of complimentary continental breakfasts
  • Teach hotel owner’s son how to twerk
  • Piss on your shoes in the squat toilet
  • Order food from a waiter who is picking his nose
  • Be ripped off by a cabbie
  • Listen to music and don’t make any friends on the train
  • Watch a TV show you cannot understand in your hotel room
  • Accidentally touch cat shit
  • Skip the hike for an afternoon nap
  • Eat pepperoni pizza in Indonesia
  • Puke on the side of the road in the desert
  • Pay extra for the room with hot water
  • Speak to no one for an entire day
  • Wait four hours for a train that never arrives
  • Sit in traffic on the freeway for most of the morning
  • Melt your shoes on the campfire
  • Wash laundry in the bidet
  • Spill red wine on the flight – on the only pair of pants you brought
  • Drink a bottle of water and leave the club at 10PM
  • Read a book in your air-conditioned room by the beach
  • Forget to bring toilet paper and be forced to use your sock
  • Save $1.50 on bus fare and walk two hours in the pouring rain instead
  • Get robbed by a monkey

Author: worldromper

I write, wrestle wiener dogs, win big at skee-ball and wander at large on a world-size scale.

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