"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing." Helen Keller

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Your Dream Trip: Make It Happen


We all know the girl who spent a summer studying in France, the couple who backpacked across Australia last year, or the group of friends who celebrated New Year’s Eve in New York City.  You may hear of these people and think, “LUCKY!”

But in reality, anyone can travel anywhere they want to, even you. It is simply a matter of priorities, preparation and planning. Do you want to drive nice car, or spend a month in Thailand? Would you rather buy cute new clothes every month, or swim with sharks off the coast of Africa? Is eating peanut butter and jelly for lunch every day worth a week in Hawaii? Yes. Yes, yes, yes! Material things do not fulfill us as human beings. Experiences, on the other hand, become part of our identities and contribute to the very fabric of our existence for the rest of our lives. Those stylish clothes will be old news next September, but the fact that you swam with sharks will inspire you forever. Continue reading