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How to Create a Travel Journal (that you’ll actually want to read – and write!)


Keeping a travel journal on the road can be a pain in the ass. Skip a few days and you’ll wind up pages and pages behind, furiously trying to catch up and remember what the hell you did three mornings ago.

But creating a log of your trip is a priceless gift to someone important – your future self. Recording the highlights of a journey  forces you to identify them, and to reflect upon your trip as it is happening. When you are old and forgetful, you’re not going to remember all the poignant details of your trip – the little girl who smiled at you from the school bus window, the impossibly fresh taste of a tuna pulled right from the sea, the color of the moonlight on the glacial lake.

But keeping a trip log doesn’t have to be a drag. Use these tips to create a better travel journal – your future self will thank you. Continue reading