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Thailand Revisited: $5 Massage, $1 Beer, Free Sunshine

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Written in October 2008. Apparently I took no pictures this day.

Yesterday I hopped a train heading north from Thailand towards Sukhothai, where I am writing you from now.. The five hour train ride was hot but not too bad (remember I like shit like this) and all along the way out the windows beyond the farmland, beyond the long-eared white cows, past the swampy land and over the colorful villages you see Buddhas popping up on the countryside, overlooking the surrounding area. My favorite was huge and shiny gold- it must have been 50 meters high.

The ride was relaxing and I read over half of ‘The Beach’, did some writing, listened to a lot of Modeselektor and ate the train-provided meal, a spicy lemongrass-chicken fishball and rice affair.

From the train I jumped on an open-air truck-thing called a Songtaew cruised in the very hot air to new Sukhothai. Every little village you pass has a giant temple inlaid with intricate pieces of gold, red and pink that just dominates the town. Everything is so colorful here- the food, the dress, the people, and the land itself. The hour long ride in the air was nice- got off the truck soaking wet, sopping, after ripping my legs off the vinyl seats.

I checked in to my sweet guesthouse and hit the pool. It is absolutely amazing how quickly 5% Singthai beer goes down in the insane heat. The pool reminded me of Texas- almost too hot to swim, like bathwater. It was fantastic. Dress here is modest so even in the heat I am wearing sleeved shirts and below-the-knee pants or skirts.

After two hours in the pool I got a traditional Thai massage, where they do not use oil, just pull you and stretch you out, for an hour and a half. It was the best massage of my life, and I have been massaged beachside in Fiji. I feel so fantastic and happy.The massgae took place in this barn-type building with geckos all over the ceiling, pretty cool to look at when I wasn’t drifting out of consciousness. The Thai massage’s focus on limbs did wonders for this girl who dances and writes- I want to get one every day. Twice. It cost $5.

Food continues to be excellent, usually spicy which I love, with rice, fresh veggies, and a lot of seafood. It is HOT AS here as they say and I revert to travel Shilo who cares nothing about her appearance and wears one item of clothing only. It is such a refreshing break, although the lack of makeup means I look about 12 yeras old. I am a Pisces with many facets of personality, but this is the truest one, and I try not to walk around with a big shit-eating smile on my face. I will live in the tropics one day.

This morning I am heading to Old Sukhothai which was the capital of Siam in the 13th century and whose ancient ruins span over a 45 km area- a lot! I am going to rent a bike, ride around, sweat my face off, have a picnic lunch, and then will grab a bus further north tonight.

Much love everyone! Sorry I cannot respond to every message individually (even my Mom’s). I am off to breakfast and another quick dip in the pool.

Thailand rocks!

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One thought on “Thailand Revisited: $5 Massage, $1 Beer, Free Sunshine

  1. Comments from Myspace:

    1) u can respond to me…..

    missing you i feel like im missing half lol nah its cool glad ur having fun ttyl

    much love
    Posted by sKeTcH aka LYnZiE on Sunday, October 05, 2008

    2) thats it. before i die, i’m going to thailand!
    Posted by the LoveVirus™ on Monday, October 06, 2008

    3) $5 Massage?… so what’s the cost of the happy ending 😉
    Posted by Thee Intoxicologist on Monday, October 06, 2008

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