"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing." Helen Keller

What Is Adventure?

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Punakaiki, New Zealand

Punakaiki, New Zealand

What is adventure?

~ This is where most writers quote Webster’s idea, and then go off on their particular version of the word. Verb. Noun. Adjective.

I don’t care what Webster says, because I know what adventure is to me. Adventure is the desire to live as many new experiences as possible all over the world in this wonderful blink of a gift we call life.

Adventure is running through a grassy field with a dog. Adventure is a bean sandwich for breakfast. Adventure is climbing first up an underground waterfall. Adventure is selling everything you own and moving into a 129 square foot apartment in Paris. Adventure is doing what really scares you, whether that is bungee jumping or wearing pink go-go boots or telling the truth. Adventure is finding out what lies inside of you. Adventure is going to the beach by yourself. Adventure is eating something that you have absolutely no idea what it is, and liking it. Adventure is walking around the streets of a big city in the middle of the night. Adventure is taking the subway with a group of kindergartners. Adventure is fumbling over your words in a new language. Adventure is kayaking in Abel Tasman National Park on the South Island of New Zealand. Adventure is China. Adventure is love. Adventure is death. Adventure is saying ‘screw it’ and putting that ticket on a credit card. Adventure is found in the Himalayas. Adventure is painting. Adventure is putting on a harness and jumping. Adventure is saying hello. Adventure is risky. Adventure is dangerous. Adventure is a walk. Adventure is doing something you have never done and no one you know has ever done. Adventure is imminent. Adventure is a game. Adventure is laughing when you are scared sh*tless. Adventure is a meeting of the eyes. Adventure is the wrong boy. Adventure is exhausting. Adventure is dancing like a fool. Adventure is making up your mind between Bali, Thailand, or India. Adventure is taking all your clothes off and jumping in. Adventure is the middle of nowhere. Adventure is right around the corner. Adventure is tonight! Adventure is a search that never ever ends. Adventure is getting lost and not caring. Adventure is airline food. Adventure is a new friend.

See you in the great swirling circle!


AKA Shilo Urban

Author: worldromper

I write, wrestle wiener dogs, win big at skee-ball and wander at large on a world-size scale.

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