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Strawberries and Skyscrapers: Downtown Los Angeles Farmers’ Markets

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Colorful fragrant fruits and shiny ripe vegetables stacked in neat pyramids may not be the first image that pops into your head when you think of downtown Los Angeles. In reality however, Southern California is one of the most bountiful produce-bearing regions in the world, and at the epicenter of its biggest city, one can find a plethora of farm-fresh goods to ogle, buy at a neat price, and then take home to create a delicious and healthy meal to enjoy! The mild West Coast climate generates a long growing season that is the perfect partner to the Downtown Los Angeles Farmers’ Markets, and at a number of locations and days of the week you will discover a wide variety of delectable produce year-round: peas and leafy greens in spring, berries and melons in summer, corn and apples in autumn and squash and cranberries in winter!

Of course that is not all you will find; in addition to fruits and vegetables the Downtown Los Angeles Farmers’ Markets provide a wide variety of organic farm products, handmade arts and crafts, ready-to-eat foods and beautiful blooms like orchids and giant sunflowers. From artisan honey and fresh-squeezed juices to olive oils, just-baked bread and hummus dips bursting with flavor, you can buy a rainbow of tastes at a number of booths- and shake the hand of the person who made them. Some markets offer inexpensive lunch options for the hungry shopper: hot roasted peanuts, fresh pork tamales, golden ears of corn, authentic Hawaiian barbeque chicken, grilled veggie shish kabobs and homemade peach ice cream to finish it off. Whether you are looking for groceries for the week or a snack for the afternoon, you will find a savory selection at your fingertips, all delivered with a smile and a sense of community that you might not expect to encounter in the middle of Los Angeles.

The Farmers’ Markets of Downtown LA are not just passive places where you shop and go home; visitors are encouraged to be part of the fun and interact with stand owners, other shoppers, and street artists and musicians who add to the flavor of the day. Vegan bake sales, live music jams from jazz quartets, chef demonstrations and salsa tastings create an interactive environment at the markets and are helping to develop a populace interested not only in nutritious produce, but in the health of their community as well. A vast collection of sights, smells, sounds and tastes, these unique farmers’ markets will engage all of your senses and send you home with a bag full of goodies and a face full of smile.

Los Angeles is a city of diversity and surprises, and finding succulent Swiss chard and ruby red blood oranges in the midst of tall gray skyscrapers might seem like an incongruity- but in actuality, this rainbow of variety is one of the defining facets of life in LA and a characteristic that creates love for the city in locals and visitors alike.

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