"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing." Helen Keller

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Best Places to Be Single in Los Angeles

DSC01969Don’t Jump! (Photo by Matt Matsuda)

Los Angeles is a city made for singles. Attractive young people flock to the city in search of fortune and fun, drawn here by the entertainment industry, the beaches, the weather, a dream – or all of the above. The vibrant and restless energy of the city calls to creative types, artist and wanderers, and the cultural tapestry of LA is woven thick with the stories of singles that are searching.

Are you searching? Los Angeles has a place for you to meet and mingle with like-minded singles. Continue reading

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Strawberries and Skyscrapers: Downtown Los Angeles Farmers’ Markets


Colorful fragrant fruits and shiny ripe vegetables stacked in neat pyramids may not be the first image that pops into your head when you think of downtown Los Angeles. In reality however, Southern California is one of the most bountiful produce-bearing regions in the world, and at the epicenter of its biggest city, one can find a plethora of farm-fresh goods to ogle, buy at a neat price, and then take home to create a delicious and healthy meal to enjoy! The mild West Coast climate generates a long growing season that is the perfect partner to the Downtown Los Angeles Farmers’ Markets, and at a number of locations and days of the week you will discover a wide variety of delectable produce year-round: peas and leafy greens in spring, berries and melons in summer, corn and apples in autumn and squash and cranberries in winter! Continue reading

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The Best Pools in Los Angeles


(Not this one)

So Cal is the land of sunshine and blue skies, so it makes sense that Los Angeles boasts some of the very best pools in the nation. While some pools require a hotel stay (or a borrowed key) to experience, some are open to all and host regular parties throughout the summer months.

Which Los Angeles pool fits your summer style? Here are some of the best places in the city to dip, sip, splash, sun and swim. Continue reading