"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing." Helen Keller

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The Best Pools in Los Angeles


(Not this one)

So Cal is the land of sunshine and blue skies, so it makes sense that Los Angeles boasts some of the very best pools in the nation. While some pools require a hotel stay (or a borrowed key) to experience, some are open to all and host regular parties throughout the summer months.

Which Los Angeles pool fits your summer style? Here are some of the best places in the city to dip, sip, splash, sun and swim. Continue reading

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Romancing the Canvas: LA’s Museum of Contemporary Art


For a romantic date, deciding the destination usually requires a mental scan of the usual suspects: cozy Italian restaurant, walk along the beach at sunset, box seats at the theatre, a booth in the dark at a jazz concert, or a museum.


You might associate the word ‘museum’ with dusty displays on dinosaur bones, or a group tour led by a crazy-haired professor whose idea of love includes the Neolithic era. You would be wrong. Continue reading

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Architecture is Sexy: The Walt Disney Concert Hall


(Photo by Matt Matsuda)

Curves slice through your reality like hips in a silver satin negligee, exciting the senses and thrilling the mind sky-high. Shapely swerves shimmer in the mid-day sun, almost inflamed by the hot half-moons and slithering circumference of a silhouette so fantastic, you doubt your very eyes. Bold and unique, the sublime contours race around your brain like a shiny swirl of inspiration, just daring you to get a little closer, to touch the exquisite lines and feel for yourself if they actually exist.

Could this be a woman? Is it a glamorous Hollywood star slinking down the red carpet, or perhaps a young and nubile next-big-thing, with a smile like a diamond sun and eyes of inky pools? Continue reading

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Best Tattoo Shops in Los Angeles


(Don’t Get This One)

Want to get a tattoo in Los Angeles? You’re in one of the best cities to do so on earth. Although Los Angeles is home of the “jailhouse style” (black and gray fine line) tattoos, shops here specialize in everything from tribal designs to one-of-a-kind works of art designed specifically for each patron and each bicep. Here are some of the city’s top tattoo parlors, from the über-artsy to the super tough and the cool and comfortable. Continue reading

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Ocean Beach – Lost Skateboard

Lost: Skateboard

There is a place on the West Coast of the United States where the surf dream is alive, where you can walk barefoot to all of your best friends’ houses, chill on the front porch swing with a cold brew before heading a couple of blocks away to the crashing waves, only stopping for a waffle cone of blueberry cheesecake ice cream along the way.

The place is called Ocean Beach. Continue reading

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Yeah, that’s right, I do. This idiotic statement could be attributed to the fact that I have barely even lived in Los Angeles for three months and the negative aspects of the city- the traffic, the smog, the vapid nature of humanity- haven’t quite gotten to me yet, at least not past the palm trees, beaches, and sunny skies. I am still in the honeymoon phase of geographic relocation. You probably think I’m crazy. But sitting in traffic in LA is one of the only times in my life I ever slow down. Ever. When you are stopped on Highway 101 at midnight on Friday night or stuck on I-5 during the evening rush hour, you just have to accept it, exhale, and wait. Stop. Do nothing. And for me, that is a rarity, and a welcome moment in my life.

I am a very busy person- call it Type A personality or ADHD or what you will, but there is rarely a minute in this life when I am not doing anything. I can’t remember the last time I was bored. I just checked my three email accounts, Myspace and Facebook since I’ve been writing this post. I am an epic multitasker, a characteristic that fits my life and this crazy post-post-modern world very well. I am always on the go and I rarely slow down- except in LA traffic, when I am forced to. When your car is stopped dead on a freeway, all you can do is enjoy the warm sunshine on your arms, play with the thoughts in your head, and crank that car stereo up to the moon with the glitchiest, bassiest, heaviest music you can find and rock out. At least that’s what I do, and it is one of my favorite things on earth.

I am writing this post in part so I can re-read it in a year, when I am a little less pie-eyed and a bit more jaded, when the traffic has gotten to me and I have caught myself screaming at people in BMWs and cussing the motorcycles which race up between the lanes. I know it will happen, and when it does, I will remember the day I wrote an ode to LA traffic. I will breathe out, turn the music up, and remember to slow down and smell the exhaust every once in a while.

Photo by Alforque @


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A Day at the Museum: Los Angeles Natural History Museum

Photo: Los Angeles Natural History Museum

You don’t have to be an anthropology major like me to enjoy the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County. This world-class museum boasts some of the best collections of dinosaur fossils, precious gemstones, and ceramics from Central and South America anywhere in the world. Continue reading