"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing." Helen Keller

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Happy New Year! 2014: Year of the Wooden Horse

The upcoming year will bring you unexpected adventures. Travel will be your priority, and you will discover new journeys both outward and inward.  Your life will be like this dragon boat: colorful and beautiful, with water fountains shooting everywhere and quite possibly a skyscraper in the background.


The Chinese Lantern Festival in Dallas runs through February 17, and you can find great ticket deals on LivingSocial.




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ADD Travel Survival Guide


Smells, sights, sounds, tastes OH MY! Stimulation overload is heaven for the ADD brain.

Healthy stimulation is the key to managing ADD, and travel is full of it. Bustling markets, wild boat rides, exciting new friends and unexpected experiences all stimulate the production of dopamine and reduce the symptoms of ADD. Yet traveling also includes numerous situations that will test the patience and organizational skills of those with ADD. Waiting in train stations, keeping up with documents and sitting still on airplanes are not ideal experiences for the ADD brain.

Knowing your weaknesses can be your greatest strength. Use these tips to create a better trip experience, and discover why travel is one of the best medications that exists for ADD. Continue reading

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Adventures in Los Angeles: Atwater Village


Bourdain blew up my taco spot!

But who can blame him? Tacos Villa Corona is just one of the phenomenal eating places in Atwater Village, a trendy, walkable neighborhood in central Los Angeles that’s relatively unknown outside of the city. Located right across the 5 freeway from Silver Lake (named #1 in “America’s Best Hipster Neighborhoods” by Forbes), this easygoing area has none of the pretense of the “Hipster Headquarters of the World” – but with numerous independent retailers and oddball businesses, it’s just as interesting. Continue reading


Milk Your Trip: Pre- & Post-Travel Tips


(Shadow Box Collage of Burning Man Mementos)

Sometimes when you return home from a big trip, it seems almost like a dream. Did that really happen? Was I really standing there, on that mountain? Did I fly across the ocean? Travel, like most pleasurable activities, flies by in a blink-span, and before you know it you are back home again.

But you can learn to make the most of your trip by milking it: squeezing every single drop of joy out of the travel experience. From the initial yearning through the serious planning stages and into the post-trip haze, you can enjoy your trip in extended ways by creating your own travel rituals. Use these pre- and post-trip tips to make the most of your trip. Milk it! Continue reading

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How to Create a Travel Journal (that you’ll actually want to read – and write!)


Keeping a travel journal on the road can be a pain in the ass. Skip a few days and you’ll wind up pages and pages behind, furiously trying to catch up and remember what the hell you did three mornings ago.

But creating a log of your trip is a priceless gift to someone important – your future self. Recording the highlights of a journey  forces you to identify them, and to reflect upon your trip as it is happening. When you are old and forgetful, you’re not going to remember all the poignant details of your trip – the little girl who smiled at you from the school bus window, the impossibly fresh taste of a tuna pulled right from the sea, the color of the moonlight on the glacial lake.

But keeping a trip log doesn’t have to be a drag. Use these tips to create a better travel journal – your future self will thank you. Continue reading

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Road Trip Party Fouls: Rules for Righteous Road Tripping

2005 Seattle 088Stop clowning around and get back in the car!

You’re hitting the road with your best buds and undertaking a journey that will test your friendship, challenge your social skills and perhaps offend your musical taste. Whenever you spend an extended amount of time in a small, car-size space with anyone, issues are bound to arise.

Like party fouls, road trip fouls can damage the experience of fun and freedom, and possibly ruin your mental health. Make sure that all the members of your fantastic voyage are made aware of the road trip rules, and discover how you can combat the fetid missteps should they arise. Continue reading