"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing." Helen Keller

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What’s Your Travel Photo Collection?

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[Through the Peep Hole]

Pinterest has made it easy to create digital collections of your favorite travel images and showcase them all in one place. You can organize them by destination, but you can also organize them by theme. Some themes are obvious and universal – like sunsets, waterfalls and beaches. But if you browse through your albums of travel photos, you should be able to discern themes that are particular to you.

What oddball scenes or subjects do you tend to take pictures of? Stray cats? Deserted streets? Waitresses? Scooters? You probably already have a few unique themes in the works – travel photo collections, if you will. Here are some ideas for more:

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The Hammam: Step Outside Your Comfort Zone. Now Take Off Your Clothes & Lie on the Floor


I squeeze my lips together, holding my mouth tightly shut as a bucket of water is dumped on top of me. My left cheek is pressed against the floor of a public bathhouse. I am lying on my side nearly naked, sprawled in a lukewarm slurry of soapsuds and sloughed-off skin from the women who went before me. A strange lady with enormous bosoms holds my right leg at a 90-degree angle, scrubbing my inner thigh with a sandpaper-like rag and the force of a fire hose. A room full of local children, women and grandmothers look on in mild amusement. On the other side, an awkward group of Western women sit in a row against the wall, trying to avoid eye contact at all costs as they wait for their turns in their underwear.

Welcome to the hammam: the other side of your comfort zone. Continue reading

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How to Create a Travel Dossier

 IMG_1317Travel is important to you, so why not give it a physical place in your life with a dedicated dossier? Create a customized travel notebook to capture your dreams, collect trip information and record your adventures. It will help you plan journeys, turn them into reality and reflect upon the ones you’ve already taken.

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Ten Sneaky Ways to Save for Travel

IMG_1302[Himalayas Here I Come]

Having enough money to travel is a matter of priorities. Do you want a late-model car, or a trip to Brazil? Would you rather hit the mall twice a month or walk on the Great Wall of China? Live in a trendy neighborhood or explore the markets of Indonesia? No matter how poor you think you are, you can save up and take an amazing adventure to the destination of your choice. The trick is to make saving money painless and easy. Establish a system for saving, and you won’t have to agonize over simple money decisions.

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Least Bragworthy Travel Experiences


[Sprinkling on your shoes]

“Experiential travel” and “conspicuous leisure” are the new buzzwords in the tourism industry. Travelers don’t just want to go somewhere; they want to have unique experiences that truly connect them with the soul of a destination (and that can be shared on social media to make all their friends jealous). Rare and amazing experiences are a form of social currency used by those who believe that are actions create our identities.

Swimming with great white sharks, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, surfing on the moon – these types of experiences are highly valuable currency: bragworthy (aka well-suited for a Facebook profile pic). But travel isn’t just high-flying adventures and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Check out the LEAST bragworthy travel experiences that I have witnessed or participated in during my tenure as a worldromper. How many have you checked off your shit-bucket list? Continue reading

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Travel Skills: How to Ooze Confidence (even when you’re lost as sh*t in a foreign country)

DSC04306[Pretend like you’re in a boy band with the Wild Man of the Dance Floor, Johann, Geoff and Big Man]

The best travel experiences push you outside of your comfort zone, to an unknown place where you are a weird-looking stranger with odd habits who seems a bit lost. And you might actually be lost. But whether you’re navigating your way through an unfamiliar airport or trying in vain to find a street with no name, you don’t need to walk around like you haven’t a clue what the hell is going on. Don’t make yourself a target. Learn how to project confidence even when you are riddled with anxiety inside. Continue reading